Wetting of surfaces is surprisingly difficult to measure reliably

10. heinäkuu 2018

A group of researchers from Aalto University in Finland and Sun Yat-sen University in China provide a standardised approach to improve the accuracy and reliability of contact angle measurements of surfaces.

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‘Biomimicry in the Nordic Countries’ working paper highlights HYBER CoE

20. kesäkuu 2018

HYBER CoE is highlighted as a Finnish forerunner in biomimetics in a new Nordic Working Paper

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Academy of Finland awards seven new projects to the Department of Applied Physics

20. kesäkuu 2018

Grants exceed 3.3 million euros for research in a diversity of physics topics.

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  • antimatter
  • qcd
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  • nanospin
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Advanced Materials highlights Finnish materials science

19. kesäkuu 2018

Advanced Materials, a premier journal in the field, has dedicated an issue to Finnish research, covering several articles from Aalto University.

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  • functional_materials
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Academy Project funding for Professor Mauri Kostiainen

18. kesäkuu 2018

Professor Mauri Kostiainen receives Consortium Project funding from the Academy of Finland

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Promising news from biomedicine: DNA origami more resilient than previously understood

29. toukokuu 2018

Study shows these nanostructures can survive in extremely low magnesium concentrations, opening up a broad spectrum of biophysical and biomedical applications

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  • dna
  • biomedical
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ERC Advanced Grants for Peter Liljeroth and Orlando Rojas

6. huhtikuu 2018

The European Research Council (ERC) has awarded their €2.5-million-each Advanced Grants to Aalto University professors Peter Liljeroth and Orlando Rojas.

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  • STM

Professor Orlando Rojas to receive the prestigious Anselme Payen Award

26. maaliskuu 2018

The award is one of the most important and internationally recognized awards in the field of cellulose and renewable materials.

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  • Anselme_Payen_Award
  • renewable_materials
  • cellulose

Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellowship to HYBER

9. helmikuu 2018

Bo Peng received a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellowship

Building miniature optical antennas using DNA as a guide

2. helmikuu 2018

A new fabrication technique combines programmable DNA origami shapes and conventional lithography methods to create metallic nanoantennas and chiral shapes for diverse applications.

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Academy Project funding for two HYBER professors

30. kesäkuu 2017

Professors Robin Ras and Mauri Kostiainen receive Project funding from the Academy of Finland

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Novel 3D matrix will allow predictive and effective breast cancer treatment

14. kesäkuu 2017

The extracellular matrix keeps the structure of the tumor tissues unchanged and thereby allows correct and personalized drug identification.

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Three Academy of Finland postdoctoral researcher positions to HYBER

16. toukokuu 2017

Matilda Backholm, Sesilja Aranko and Suvi Arola received funding from the Academy of Finland

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Best poster award for Ekaterina and Christopher

28. huhtikuu 2017

Best poster award given to HYBER researchers in the final seminar of FinSynBio-program


Nearly 5 million euro for pioneering biomimetics and quantum technology research

7. huhtikuu 2017

Olli Ikkala has received a prized ERC Advanced Grant for the second time and Jukka Pekola for the first time.

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  • olli_ikkala
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  • CQE
  • academy_of_finland

Researchers discover self-assembling 2D and 3D materials formed by tiny gold nanoclusters

13. tammikuu 2017

The free-standing two-dimensional nanosheets will bring opportunities towards new-generation functional materials.

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  • Self-assembling_materials
  • materials_research
  • physics

Physicist Robin Ras receives 2 million euro ERC funding for research on non-wetting surfaces

15. joulukuu 2016

In the future, new types of extremely non-wetting surfaces can be applied from everyday life to high-performance microfluidic devices.

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  • Superslippery Liquid-Repellent Surfaces
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New surfaces repel water in oil as well as oil in water

27. lokakuu 2016

Advanced coating materials benefit marine industry, anti-corrosion efforts and many other fields.

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  • dual_superlyophobic_surfaces
  • molecular_engineering
  • surface_material
  • materials_research
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HYBER Symposium

24. toukokuu 2016

Pushing the boundary of true interdisciplinarity, the 2nd HYBER Symposium offered again 2 full days of top talks.

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  • molmat

Pierangelo Metrangolo appointed as visiting professor to CoE HYBER

11. maaliskuu 2016

CoE HYBER is strengthen by professor Metrangolo and his expertice in self-assembly properties of halocarbons and their interactions with biomolecules.

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Workshop on Translocation of polymer through nanopores

21. joulukuu 2015

Translocation of polymer through nanopores: Interplay between theory, simulations and experiments 8-9 Feb 2016, at Learning Hub, Otakaari 1.

Seminar "Halogen Bonding: A New Paradigm in Supramolecular Chemistry" by Prof Pierangelo Metrangolo

25. marraskuu 2015

Centre of Excellence HYBER offers a seminar by visiting Professor Pierangelo Metrangolo, Politecnico di Milano 7.12.2015 13.15-15.00 CHEM: A 304

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Assistant Professor Mauri Kostiainen received Young Researcher Award

8. kesäkuu 2015

Kostiainen's work is dynamically new, creative and significant from the perspective of technological development.

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Open positions

4. kesäkuu 2015

2 Post Doc and 1 PhD student postion available at the Department of Biotechnology and Chemical Technology, Aalto University

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HYBER Symposium

15. toukokuu 2015

Centre of Excellence HYBER offered 2 full days of talks by top scientist from all over the world.

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